Projected Returns

IRR objective

Internal Rate of Return

The  Edison Venture Capital  Fund, as an investor in early stage start-up businesses, has an objective to achieve a net Internal  Rate of Return (IRR) for the limited  partners of between 12-15% per annum.

Both the US and Australian early stage venture capital funds have consistently returned on average an IRR of approximately 15% since 2007 (see Table 1 below).


Net IRR of funds exiting after 5 years


Net IRR of funds exiting after 10 years

Table 1

returns by industry

Industry Performance

Table 2 shows a breakdown of returns by industry within the US Venture Capital  market. Edison  is focusing on the industry sectors of Information Technology, health care/biotech, energy and  software/services. Table 2. shows that IT has averaged an IRR over  the period shown of20.20% and that Health Care/Biotech averaged an IRR of27.44%.

Table 3

venture capital size

Fund Size Comparison

Table 3 shows that within venture capital, smaller venture capital funds (less than $700 million)  have outperformed  larger Funds.


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