Circles Australia Pty Limited.

ACN 630 647 264 (trading as Circles.Life)

The Company

Circles Australia Pty Limited has the potential to disrupt the telecommunications industry by the transformation in unit economics within its business model. The Company is providing flexible, low cost, SIM only mobile plans that are having an immediate impact on the current usage plans of mobile phones.

Product Transformation

The first transformation was a substantial improvement in average revenue per user (ARPU) compared to the industry standard, which was declining in Singapore and elsewhere. It relied on leasing bandwidth from a physical network carrier and driving profit as a more efficient go-to-market organization for the partner. It competes to retain customers using an obsessive focus on providing an excellent user experience enabled by digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, an integrated telco operating system, and a simple mobile app. Indeed, industry analysts confirmed that Circles had contributed to the growing share of M1, its telco partner, in Singapore’s fiercely competitive market.3

The second transformation came from cost reductions. Analysts had long predicted digitization to be a force for cost savings in the telco industry, notably from the automation of sales & marketing, distribution and customer care functions. The Circles team knew that by digitizing and automating from the get-go, the company could cut CapEx and OpEx by more than 50%.

Growth potential

The company has a focus on scalability and regional growth. Their fully digital solution has accelerated successful launches into the Australian and Taiwanese markets.