Facilitate Corporation Pty Ltd.

ACN 065 227 143

The Company

Facilitate was founded in Perth, Australia, based on the concept that Virtual Reality could better analyse and improve workplace skills and general learning. The company is looking to raise AU$1.5 million on a pre-money valuation of AU$7.5 million. The capital raised will be used to hire key personnel, expand content partnerships, and establish US operations.

The Facilitate product is the ‘Canva of immersive learning creation’. Its suite of tools empower learning creators without 3D design or software development skills to create customized immersive learning experiences. Completed development of beta version of Facilitate has been achieved and the company has run a paid pilot program with government, education, mining, and logistics customers. Initial subscription customers have been signed and phase one of Facilitate Partner Program established, including leading VR headset companies, EdTech and VR service providers in Australia, Singapore, and USA.


Facilitate is a digital platform that creates high impact learning without any software development or 3D design skills. The SaaS subscription pricing model is designed for customers to easily scale up their use of Facilitate from proof of concept through to organization-wide deployment and that disrupts the project-based agency model. Learners access experiences via leading VR headsets or a desktop application (mobile version – 2022); seamless integration into existing HR tech stack.

Commercial traction

Facilitate has developed significant commercial traction including:

  • Strategic partnership with University of Western Australia for rollout of their STEM education content suite for K-12 schools.
  • Forged solid partnerships with government and industry customers, resulting in financial contributions and insights into fully operational platform.
  • Independent Software Vendor partner with VR leaders, Meta (Facebook) and HTC Vive.
  • Customers in health, logistics, mining and education.
  • Initial phase of Partner Program implemented with eight reseller and collaboration partners promoting
  • Facilitate to clients across geographies and sectors.